Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life, While Living in a Complicated World


Remnants of Yesterday

A Daffodil Day~How the Garden Came To Me

Quote for the Day

Ann Landers on originality

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche on music


Morning Unveiled~ Mariann Placzek-Hayes

Two Months of May~Mariann Placzek-Hayes

Tempered Heart-Mariann Placzek-Hayes

Sara Teasdale~Twilight

Sara Teasdale-Stars


Kitchens and Cook Books~New Addition: Baking with Julia

“The River Midnight”, by Lilian Nattel

“Little, Big”, by John Crowley

Creating a Memorable Moment For the Person In Your Heart

A Special Gift: Polish Stoneware Teapot

French Press Fridays!

Looking for a French Press?

My Love Affair with Quilts

Moments in Life…

Wonderful Food Radio: The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Elizabeth Gilbert: Nurturing Creativity
Our 35th Anniversary Week Begins!

James Placzek 1937-2010
Note to Self: Remember to Remove the Lens Cap

Surviving a Layoff

When You Lose Your Job

Surviving a Layoff : Getting Aquainted with Your Kitchen Part 1

Communication & Blogging

Me and My ‘Shadow Blogger’
Trends in Communication: Appearing to Be Gracious or Is it?

Scents & Perfumes

Maybe Baby~A Lovely Gift of Fragrance for My Anniversary
Antonia’s  Flowers~The Perfect Scent for Summer

Going Back To College after 50

Going Back To College What Was I Thinking
Going Back To College The Day That Changed My Life

Back in College: Technophile  or Technogeek?
Finishing My First Year of College with a 4.0


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