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Today, we’re faced with challenges our parents or grandparents never would have imagined! What do you think they would think or comment regarding the generations that followed them:

Would have families, but rarely sit down and have meals together?

Their grandchildren would be at risk for health problems, such as diabetes because of the food they’re eating everyday?

Children playing outside would be unusual? Or playing would mean sitting in front of a computer or game console and ‘playing’ a video game?

A home cooked meal would be a frozen dinner, zapped in the microwave?

Perhaps, we need to change the way we think about food and the way we live, and consider, what do we really value in life?

Is one of the solutions to a busy and complicated life, is to make our lives simpler and less dependent on technology?

If we prepared and cooked our own food, and boycotted fast food and processed and packaged foods, could we improve our health and that of our family?


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