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A Tea Story~Enjoying A Cuppa of Teavana


Today, I brewed a pot of Teavana’s ‘Peach Tranquility’ and paired it with a lovely slice of panettone from Trader Joes…Tea time delight! The light, buttery texture and citrus flavors complimented the tea perfectly.

A visit to Teavana has been on my ‘To-Do’ list for quite some time. Searching for new sources of tea is a favorite past time of mine and the prospect of tasting new teas is something I look forward to.

My first impression entering the shop was: immaculately clean, well-organized, uncluttered and  displays were attractive and polished. My eyes were drawn to the cast iron tea pots, especially, the blue teapot with birds  circling the outside. I learned the inside is enameled, making  for easy cleaning. My main reason for considering purchasing an iron teapot that costs nearly $100 dollars?  Breakage. I wouldn’t have to replace it due to breakage, hairline cracks and chipping that china, porcelain and earthenware teapots are susceptible to from normal use. However, I did purchase one of their unique, Perfectea Maker teapots that does NOT pour from a spout. You place it over your cup and it pours perfectly strained tea from the underside of the teapot.

The staff: well trained and VERY informative. I was given a tour by a host, and as I asked lots of questions, was provided with knowledgable answers. There is a daily ‘tea du jour’ available for sampling, along with their version of ‘sugar’ was a delightful feature.

After my host gave me a tour of the store, I was directed to the counter overlooking an entire wall of tea. There were so many categories of tea, I was a bit overwhelmed where to begin. Thankfully, the store was not busy at the time of my visit, so I could take my time and not feel hurried as my host took me through the different categories. I was impressed I could see and smell each tea I requested. The assortment was dizzying to keep track of, and  even though I had quite a good idea what I wanted to bring home and sample…I was intrigued by the variety flavored teas. In the end, I chose quite a variety to bring home consisting of: flavored, herbal, green, white and black teas.

One suggestion: Visit Teavana’s website (www.teavana.com) before visiting one of their stores.

Now about price: Teavana teas are a bit pricey, compared to other tea suppliers, like Harney & Sons. However, you can see and smell teas before you buy them and have your questions answered on the spot. Another plus: you can re-brew a pot of tea several  times in succession without losing flavor.


Forgoing purchasing tea tins, I placed all of the teas in canning jars and transferred the labels when I arrived home. I was excited to use Teavana’s Perfectea Maker for the first time, and have to admit, it’s ingenious design makes brewing and straining a pot of loose tea, simple and easy.


In the morning, ‘Oprah Chai’ is a favorite of mine and delightful anytime during the day. Herbal teas are very soothing in the evening. Black teas are refreshing and flavored teas add wonderful variety to tea time. It’s a bit of a culinary adventure pairing flavored teas with different desserts to experience new taste sensations.

Visiting Teavana is a pleasant tea adventure! If you’re a first time customer….Visit their website (write down a list of teas you’d like to see) and plan your visit to a store. Find a time when the store is not busy so you can take your time, ask plenty of questions and peruse the wall of tea at your leisure. Most of all, have fun! XO Annie





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  1. Yes! My favorite place to get really Good tea

    January 8, 2016 at 4:42 pm

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