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Breathe in a Memory

~Breathe In a Memory~

There are perfumes that bring to mind very special occasions, particularly~ anniversaries, promotions and “I-was-thinking- of-you-gifts”.  I can look at each bottle, and remember with delight unwrapping the package and the surprise of a scent I’ve always wanted to try, or a well-loved perfume I’ve enjoyed over the years. Scents that are soap and water fresh, redolent of flowers or gentle notes of flowers and herbs. Sensual and seductive perfume, lovely for a special evening.

White Shoulders~ I wore on my wedding day. Maybe Baby~ I received on my 35th anniversary, a scent I had never tried given to me by hubby and is now a favorite. Bvlgari Voile de Jasmine~ I love to wear everyday, and is one of my favorite ‘soap and water’ clean scents.  Joy~lovely for an evening out. Windsong~ I spray on sachets in my sweater drawer. Chloe Narcisse~is an old favorite, perfect when going out for a fun day shopping, or out with friends. Even after a lovely perfume bottle is empty, I remove the cap and keep it in my lingerie drawer, leaving a lingering scent.

All of these perfumes I keep as warm memories each time they touch my skin, breathing in the moment.


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  1. Wonderful memories tied to an amazing array of perfumes… I remember Gingham when I was very young, Caleche by Hermes for daytime, Princess Marcella Borghesa No 12 for evenings (a very musky and heady scent and a favourite), and so many more and they all conjure up lovely memories too… Thanks for the trip down memory lane
    Jo xx

    May 14, 2012 at 3:58 am

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