Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life, While Living in a Complicated World

It’s French Press Friday

~Coffee Heaven, In a Cup~

I love tea & french press coffee. I write about tea, and photograph desserts, china and all things related to the wonderful qualities that are present in each cup of this marvelous brew. However, each and every Friday, is dedicated to drinking & serving french press coffee.

A few weeks ago, my Bunn coffeemaker finally brewed it’s last pot of coffee and I decided to not replace it. That’s correct…NOT replace it. Not only does it take up counter-space, it’s most positive feature is that it makes a pot of coffee for more than 3 or 4 people. From now on,  I’m making french press whenever I want a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Today… it’s ‘French Press Friday’, (to be perfectly candid, I use my press anytime during the week) and I’m  enjoying several cups of perfectly brewed coffee as I check my email, blogs, and begin editing photographs depicting desserts and tea. I love the irony….

Here’s today’s french press photograph~ a Spode ‘Blue Room’ cup and saucer, filled with medium roast, french press coffee and accompanied by a yummy eccles cake!

So today…share a cup of this full-bodied, smooth coffee with someone you love.
I hope you have a lovely Friday, and the goodness continues on into the weekend!


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