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Creating a Craft Area~A Place for Creativity & Inspiration

Creating a Craft Area~A Place for Creativity & Inspiration

A few years ago, I won an essay competition on a public television program, where I had to describe how I would transform a piece of unpainted furniture, namely, a cupboard with shelves and drawers. They shipped it to my home, and as I wrote in my essay, began the transformation into a craft cupboard with a padded bulletin board, and create a craft table to match.

I started with the paint, Old Century Colors in buttermilk (#2030) and painted the inside shelving and outside. It’s a wonderful shade that blends with any color, and I love how it lightened up the entire cupboard! Next, I found fabric for the padded bulletin board. The board is a nice feature to place patterns and pictures for inspiration. Lastly, I designed a fold away craft table and painted it in the same color as the cabinet. The table folds and for storage behind the cabinet!

You can never have enough storage for crafts… and the two lower drawers can  hold patterns. paper or fabric and designs in hanging files! Remove the hanging files, and you have storage for bulkier items.

The table is a wonderful addition for cutting out fabric, paper for stamping, or working on projects.When crafting friends come over, you have room enough for six people to spend an afternoon or evening together. One great feature… you can use it for a lovely buffet table with plenty of room to set out food for family and friends!

To have a dedicated space for crafting makes it more pleasurable, more organized and you can spend time dreaming or working on projects surrounded by inspiration. As you can see, it doesn’t take a large amount of space, you can have a simple cabinet, along with a fold up table! I use mine everyday, and find it makes the simple pleasure of crafting a joy!

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