Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life, While Living in a Complicated World

Remnants of Yesterday

I’ve slowly been re-organizing my life, priorities, home and work; it’s always amazing to me what can be discovered along the way…

When I was first married, I was a bridal and lingerie designer and accumulated a storehouse of laces, elastic, fabrics and notions galore. I always kept remnants of everything, and carefully put them away in a large, butternut, 19th century armoire made in Winona, Minnesota. I also began collecting lace, ribbons and buttons over the years. This week I began to clear out some space in my sewing studio, and with trepidation opened the armoire that occupies the wall next to my sewing machines, and held my breath. What I thought was a Pandora’s Box of useless knickknacks, was a treasure trove of lace! Beautiful laces of a bygone era!

Photography by Mariann Placzek-Hayes

Photograph by Mariann HayesLaces to grace collars, hems and cuffs, insert in pintucks and flounces. Laces to weave silk ribbons through for wedding gowns, dresses, nightgowns and camisoles. Laces to create extraordinary linens for the table, bed chamber and home.

Laces of the finest craftsmanship, beauty and elegance~made by hand or with century old machines of the finest linen and cotton threads. It brought back so many memories of the brides I fitted for their gowns and lingerie. The glow of a bride-to-be on their approaching nuptials and a future of memorable moments, anniversaries and special occasions. My most poignant memories were of father’s …gazing lovingly at their daughter in their wedding gown and veil, tears in their eyes, words often choked with emotion as they told their now grown-up, little girls, “You look so beautiful.”

I found boxes filled of memories! To my surprise, it wasn’t mere remnants, it was yardages of lace! Lace to create new things from a bygone era. As I sort through more boxes and bins, I’m finding more laces, notions, buttons and trims that I can turn into wonderful and beautiful additions for my tea book and the new book I’m outlining. Little did I know when I put these textile confections away many years ago, they would emerge years later and become part of my dream of writing books!

What I thought was a Pandora’s Box…was an exquisite box of laces filled with memories of the past, and a future creating new memories.

~Serendipity at it’s Best!~

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