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Poem~Morning Unveiled by Mariann Hayes


~Morning Unveiled~

As I looked at you,
Through half closed eyes.
In the dappled light of morn.

Awakened so gently,
From dark mists of night.
By murmurs of mourning doves.

As if I have long walked,
Paths of deep shadows.
From far off distant lands.

Beckoned to your side,
By unspoken words.
Through the passages of time.

Unveiling our hearts,
The goodness of love,
Imprints on each others soul.

For one’s heart must yield,
When desire transcends.
As nightfall captures the day.

Your words now whispers,
Cascade from above.
Mingled with bliss and delight.

There is a fondness,
Surpassed by mere words.
With each tender caress.

Searching and longing,
With each ardent kiss.
Amid a torrent of joy.

As we acquiesce,
Allured through splendor,
Of corporeal pleasures.

For this nights sojourn,
In each others arms,
Brings such serene contentment.

The morning unfurls,
In a chorus of birds.
When nights hold evaporates.

Day breaks gleaming flame,
Burnishes the dawn.
In cascades of amber light.

Beams of light glimmer,
Dance across your face.
With every delicate breeze.

For the path I walk,
Always at your side.
Awaits the dawn of morning.

Mariann Hayes

Originally posted January 27, 2011 http://mariannspoetry.wordpress.com
Copyright © 2011 Mariann Hayes All Rights Reserved.


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