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Kitchens and Cook Books~New Addition: Baking with Julia

~Kitchens and Cook Books: Baking with Julia~

Pictures by Mariann Hayes

My mother was an excellent cook and loved watching cooking shows on television…and in her day, there wasn’t much to choose from. The Food Network hadn’t been conceived as a television network, computers were non-existent and cookbooks were the norm in every kitchen. Two cooking shows she enjoyed the most: Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) and Julia Child. What I found interesting was when we cleaned out her kitchen in the house she’d lived in for over 40 years (to move to a one-level townhouse), she had only one cook book! I found it in a drawer… a blue covered, spiral bound Watkins Cook Book, printed long before I was born. This was a beloved cook book, from the look of the stains, wear & tear and dog ears on the corners. Sadly, it was lost when we closed up their townhouse, never to be seen again.

My own kitchen houses a very large collection of cook books, where I can research a myriad of recipes at my fingertips. I’d love to find a copy of the vintage Watkins Cook Book to add to my collection, and it’s on my list: Hunt Down & Find. This week, I was watching PBS and the series, “Baking with Julia”, and it brought back so many memories of my mom and how much I miss her. I enjoy watching Julia Child and decided to buy her book, “Baking with Julia”, to go with the television series.

I’m in the middle of remodeling my kitchen, and have been so inspired by this series and book!! I’ve decided a baking center would be a perfect addition, as well as, shelves to house my cook book collection. My mom would have approved.


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