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Willow Cottage Crafts~Organizing Sewing Supplies at Your Fingertips

Photographs by Mariann Hayes

~Organized At Home or Traveling~
If you’re a beginner sewer or more advanced, organization is key to keeping a clutter free area for sewing and easily finding things. When it comes to organizing items for your sewing machine: bobbins, feet and needles ~ fishing tackle boxes are wonderful in keeping things in organized!

A second bonus: If you’re attending a sewing class or quilting group and bring your sewing machine, a tackle box keeps everything safely in place during transport, and takes up little space on a table or can easily be stored on the floor until you need it.

I purchased my first tackle box over 20 years ago, at Fleet Farm, when I purchased a new Bernina Sewing machine.

~A Tackle Box in Your Sewing Room or Creative Space?~
I found a tackle box is ideal for organizing parts for my sewing machine: specialized feet, bobbins, sewing machine needles, brushes, oil and other sewing supplies. Sturdy drawers customized to size and organized according to function, keep everything within reach when working at your sewing machine.  Under the lid, you can store larger items that remain secure and easily be accessible.

~Organizing Specialized Feet for Your Machine~
My Bernina came with a variety of standard feet, that later grew into a much larger collection over time when I began purchasing specialized feet, as they became available. A specialized foot, functions as an extension of your sewing machine in creating embellishment for items and/or making a complicated procedure much easier by having the right tool for the job. These little workhorses, save time and makes time consuming tasks so much easier, such as, gathering 10 feet of ruffling or making my own cording or piping. Today, I find great pleasure creating my own customized trims and so will you!

Contact your sewing machine dealer and check out all of the sewing feet that are available for your particular model. You’ll be amazed at their versatility!

~Everything In Its Place~
Sewing machine equipment in one organized space makes sewing a pleasure when you can find things quickly and easily. You can also use a tackle box for organizing other needlework: quilting, cross-stitch & crochet or knitting!

Lots of bobbins are wonderful to have on hand when you want to begin a new sewing projects quickly and easily.

Sewing machine needles come in a myriad of sizes and uses and having a supply on hand, saves time & money.

I have one drawer dedicated to quilting accessories, quilting needles, thimbles (leather and metal) and hand-sewing needles. When I need any type of needle, it’s easy to find one without having to leave my machine and search in several places.

~Traveling with your Sewing Machine~
Today, sewing machines do not resemble the stand-alone treadles our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used. We have highly specialized machines available to choose from that offer a dizzying array of capabilities: electronic components, computer down loads, quilting, embroidery and sewing all in one machine. Having accessories and supplies organized safely and securely in a tackle box (with convenient locks) when traveling with your machine to classes, quilt guilds or sewing groups makes everything so much easier and hassle free!

~A Tackle Box in Your Future?~
Organization is the key in using our time, resources and money wisely! Having everything in its place, makes any creative project fun and enjoyable, and eliminates frustration when having to search for a particular item. You’ll save money by no longer have to re-purchase items because they’ve been misplaced or lost in a disorganized space.

Now one question remains: Will a tackle box find a place in your sewing room or creative area in the near future?


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