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Making Your Own Bath Salts

There is something that is wonderfully soothing and sensual about soaking in a bathtub filled with hot water that is exquisitely scented with bath salts. You don’t have to rely on going to a specialty bath shop to buy your favorite bath salts, you can make your own!

Mixing  ingredients in an air-tight, glass jar is the best way to make and store the bath salts you create. Adding different kinds of sea salt and other ingredients; finely milled oatmeal, cornstarch or baking soda, creates interesting color and textures and conditions the water.

Salt, a basic ingredient is easy to find at the grocery store, food co-op, pharmacy or natural food store. Good quality organic essential oils make crafting bath salts a sensory pleasure. I prefer to use medicinal or food grade quality essential oils, such as Veriditas, in crafting bath salts, lip balms, body scrubs or polishers.  I purchased my essential oils (they were on sale for 20%  off) and knew that I’ll need just a few drops of each oil to create my own signature scent. You will have plenty of oils to make more batches of baths salts, time and again, for yourself, family and friends! Making bath salts for a friend who is experiencing stress is a wonderful way to give support and show you care…

Photography by Mariann Hayes


Pictured left to right: Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, Epsom Salt, Fine Natural Salt. Front: Coarse Organic Sea Salt

Left to right: Medicinal/Food Grade Essential Oils: Rose Geranium, Rosemary-Cineol, Organic Lavender, Jasmine Perfume, Non-Food Grade Lavender


Combinations of salts make for luxurious baths! Epsom salt, finely milled oatmeal, baking soda and cornstarch can all be added to sea salt in creating luxurious bath salts for you and your family and friends.

~Essential Oils~

There are a wide variety of essential oils on the market to choose from: organic, food and medicinal grade.  When it comes to using essential oils that will come into contact with skin…I prefer to use an organic, food/medicinal grade that is highly concentrated, and can mix with various salts for bath salts and with carrier oils for bath oils, polishers, body scrubs and exfoliating mixtures.

~Relaxing Bath Salts~

2 cups extra coarse organic sea salt
4 cups medium or fine sea salt

10 drops organic lavender essential oil
6 drops organic jasmine perfume oil
8 drops organic rosemary essential oil
8 drops organic rose geranium oil


In a large sized glass container with lid: add a variety of salts. Next, begin adding essential oils one at a time. After adding an essential oil, mix salts with a disposable, plastic spoon. Put on the lid and then turn the jar over and over to fully incorporate the oil. Continue doing this with each  additional essential oil. Remember to continually smell the bath salts as you add an essential oils to customize it to your preference. Put on the cover and let the bath salts ‘cure’ for one week. You’ll have your very own customized scented bath salts,  to use when you’d like to relax in a lovely, soothing bath or give as a thoughtful gift!


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