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Great Kitchen Tool~Ole’s Bar Remover

Several years ago, we went for a drive in the beautiful Wisconsin landscape and came to a small town, Woodville, (about 35 minutes from the Twin Cities) located north of I-94 and east of Baldwin. Woodville, is a quaint town off the beaten path, where we discovered a lovely shop that caught our attention, simply by it’s name.

Photograph courtesy of: http://www.lenole.com

Lena & Ole’s Gifts
~Scandinavian Imports and Unique Gifts~

Inside, we met the owners, Lane & Julie, and discovered their store has unique items and Scandinavian imports. One of the great aspects of Scandinavian culture is a history of baking, and they carry one of the most useful tools I have had in my kitchen for the last several years: a stainless steel bar remover with an incredible price tag of $3.99. Stop by the store, or give them a call; they’ll be happy to ship one out to you! I’ve never found another spatula like this, in any store or online. However, it’s available at Lena & Ole’s.

Photograph by Mariann Hayes

If you find removing the first bar from a pan: lemon bar, brownie, apple bar a challenge; serving a small teacake or canape too small for a large spatula and you don’t want to use your fingers…you’ll find this hand-sized wonder invaluable! It’s sturdy and very flexible, leaving your first piece of dessert looking as perfect as the last piece. When you’re finished serving up your confections, you can soak it in hot soapy water, even if it’s covered with your gooiest creations and not have worry about rust, as with other metal spatulas.

To get your own Ole’s Bar Remover... get one ordered as soon as possible.

Recently, I contacted Julie and sadly learned they will be closing their store August 6th, to pursue their retirement dreams of travel. While we will miss them… they will be visiting kitchen and home shows around the United States. Also, good news! Ole’s Bar Remover will still be available through their website.


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