Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life, While Living in a Complicated World

Poem~Two Months of May

May is a special month, with many wonderful memories and special days for me!

Two Months of May

My heart once belonged to another
When it could have belonged to you.
How the years have passed us by,
And I’ve often thought of you.

We never had a romance,
Where you held my hand so tight.
Or shyly kissed me on my lips.
In the early dusk of night.

Shy encounters in the library,
Whispering of silly things,
Amy Wonderbelt  and manners,
Not knowing what life would bring.

When you finally got the courage,
Asking to spend some time with you,
I held my breath and answered,
“I wouldn’t be able to.”

For I was engaged to be married.
And your heart dropped to your toes,
“Let’s runaway and get married.”
Your next question quickly proposed.

As we stood there in the hallway,
I didn’t know what to believe,
Your face told your hearts story,
And I simply touched your sleeve.

My heart had belonged to another,
And my doubts were clear that day,
When you shyly looked at me and asked,
“Why don’t we run away…”

And when we left that hallway,
As our bridges brightly burned…
My life, became a long-term marriage.
While yours, took twists and turns.

That May, without our knowing,
Our future, became our past.
35 years near to the day,
We would meet again, at last.

We’ve told each other about our lives,
We’ve shared our now, and long past.
The commonalities were so profound,
The years have slipped by so fast.

You endured a time so painful,
It had scarred you nearly for life.
To be dissolved by one woman’s love,
Whom you’ve taken as your wife.

You’ve seen me though life’s losses,
With kind words and friendship true.
You’ve listened to my predicaments,
Just as a friend would do.

Then a day in October befell you,
So overwhelmed with confusion and pain,
You reached out to me, from the dark.
We talked to ease the strain.

We’ve covered so many topics,
Our comical volleys are so funny too.
There is nothing I find more enjoyable,
Than being so silly with you.

Our past was not a grand romance,
For two shy kids long ago.
Our present is a friendship in place,
As adults we’ve forged it so.

We’d never have a friendship,
Without those days in May,
An ending, and a beginning,
Life’s own ironic way.

My life has bittersweet memories,
I have carried until this day,
One is standing there before you,
In that hallway, in late May.

Two months of May we’ll remember,
One long ago, and one near last.
Where life takes us on our journeys,
Is from shadows of the past.

Mariann Hayes
Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved Mariann Hayes


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  2. Very beautiful … xx

    May 12, 2012 at 2:33 pm

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