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Create a Sewing Chatelaine~ A Wonderful Accessory for All Needlearts!

Sewing Chatelaine~A Wonderful Accessory

A wonderful accessory for sewing, or crafting is a sewing chatelaine to hold scissors & pins. This light-weight chatelaine drapes around your neck, and is designed to have tools right at your fingertips!

Photograph by Mariann Hayes

I used simple blocks to create my first chatelaine: log cabin and striped block, in coordinating fabrics

4-inch Log Cabin Block

4-inch Roman Stripe Block

My sewing chatelaine is very useful when sewing, quilting, knitting, cross-stitching or other needle arts.

~Sewing Chatelaine~
2~ 3 or4-inch quilt blocks
Your choice of lace or piping for trim-20 inches long
Ribbon or your own custom, coordinated made ribbon-40 inches long

~-To Create Your Sewing Chatelaine~

1. Sew two 4- inch blocks
2.Sew lace or piping 1/4 inch from the edge to all sides and overlap or sew ends together, to the right side of one block.
3. On one corner (right side of fabric) baste end of your ribbon to the edge.
4. Sew blocks together, leaving 2 inch opening for adding batting.
5. Turn sewn blocks and ribbon, right-side out.
6. Stuff with batting and sew 2-inch opening closed.

7. Cut velcro to fit the width of your ribbon, about 2 inches long.

8. Using a zig-zag stitch, attach loop side of velco to free end of ribbon and measuring down one inch from the end of the loop tape, attach the tape side of velco. (See picture below)

Add a small scissors & pins and you have a useful sewing chatelaine, you can use for needlearts or crafting with your tools readily at hand! You’ll no longer have to hunt for scissors or pins!


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