Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life, While Living in a Complicated World

Gladys Taber~A Wonderful Author & Inspired Poet

~Gladys Taber~

Gladys Taber is my latest, favorite author (along with Tasha Tudor), who not only wrote about every day life at her 1690 farmhouse, Stillmeadow, but also poetry and recipes. Simple, every day pleasures of life are depicted through her prose, insights and cooking, throughout the 59 books she authored, and later, in columns for Lady’s Home Journal and Family Circle magazines.

She’s definitely a kindred spirit!
I’ve enjoyed reading her wry insights, love of gardening, cooking, dogs and leisure arts that spans decades of living on her beloved farmstead.

I’ve just purchased a first edition copy (in mint condition) of one of her most popular books, “What Cooks at Stillmeadow; The Favorite Recipes of Gladys Taber”, and I’m so excited to have located a copy of one of her best-selling cookbooks!

If you would like more information, regarding Gladys Taber or her books:

Susan Turnley kindly contacted me about some of the Gladys Taber sites (see her comment below) I had posted in this blog, and directed me to an organization dedicated to her books & memory. Thank you Susan for your kind message, and directing me to this wonderful website!



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  1. Hello to a fellow Gladys Taber fan! Or maybe I should say “sister” GBT fan. I want to mention that your two websites linked above are not very accurate: the wikispace has many errors and the other site was a school project put up by a high svchool student in 2002 and has never been corrected. Although our almost 500 member organization does not have a very good website, it is one way for your readers to learn more about the Friends of Gladys Taber organization, and some of them may want to join us. You may list our site and link to it http://www.FriendsOfGladysTaber.org

    March 29, 2011 at 9:03 pm

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