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Creating Your Own Scented Bath Salts, Body Scrubs & Oils~Glassware Containers

I really enjoy making my own bath salts, body scrubs, body oils, potpourri & perfume oil blends from natural ingredients. Getting out a wonderful variety of essential oils and mixing together natural ingredients, my home becomes redolent with wonderful scents of flowers, citrus & exotics, such as, sandalwood.

It’s wonderful having a fine assortment of custom scented products, I’ve made for family, guests, or to give as gifts.  Finding the perfect container is always fun, and you can create your own unique packaging using raffia, ribbons, interesting labels and fabric. My favorite glassware containers have corked lids that have a nice texture, and offer a natural element in the bathroom.

Sea salt in fine, medium or coarse grain, along with, medicinal quality essential oils can create a myriad of beautiful scented bathsalts for your bath; creating a luxurious moment while soaking in a warm bath and accompanied by candlelight and your favorite music.

Photography by Mariann Hayes

Different kinds of glassware of different colors and shapes are available to fill with aromatic bath creations for your own use,  gift giving or to place in your guestroom when guests come to visit. Small dark blue bottles are perfect for storing oils scented with essentials oils for use as perfume, or as a body lotion for after a shower or bath. Larger, corked bottles are perfect for storing your favorite scented bath salts, potpourri or body scrub.

~Creating your own bath & spa pampering ingredients is very easy, and make wonderful gifts…look for further posts! ~


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