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Reading in the Kitchen~Bookstands for your Recipe Books

There are a wide variety of accessories in the kitchen, and one of the most useful is a bookstand to hold recipe & cook books! I have used the ‘shielded plexi-glass’ type (difficult to turn pages or reference other recipes in a book), and a cast iron book stand that was difficult to put away and so heavy, you could use it as a door stop. I was thrilled to find this practical bookstand with a pleasing Victorian style!

When I posted my Crepe with Wild Rice Soup~Meal in a Crepe Recipe…
I received several emails asking about my bookstand and to feature pictures of it. I purchased it at Home Goods for a very modest price and it was white in color. When I got it home, I wiped it down with a damp cloth, dried it, and spray painted it matte black. It holds recipe cards and pages, as well as, small books or very heavy tomes…for example~ “Larousse Gastronomique“.

One of the most interesting features is that it has side chains with weighted ends to hold back unruly pages! I really like how it complements my kitchen, and it’s easy to fold up and put away when not in use.

Photographs by Mariann Hayes

~This one folds when not in use.~

~Two nice features…it keeps pages at a comfortable reading angle and can hold very heavy, large recipe books~

~Weighted chains can hold back unruly pages~

~Entertaining Tip~
When I have friends or family over for a dinner party
or just for a simple gathering; I like to serve buffet style foods on the butcher block island… I have a black chalkboard slate I place on the bookstand, and post the menu.


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