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Mail Order: Victorian Trading Co.

Victorian Trading Company

I enjoy finding creative sources for a wide variety of interests, and when it comes to Victorian aesthetics, items , accessories & clothing… I always seem to turn to a wonderful mail-order source: Victorian Trading Company, based in Lenexa,Kansas~ a suburb of Kansas City.

When I was in Kansas City the summer of 2008, I had a chance to visit Victorian Trading Company’s store in Lenexa. It came with a wonderful surprise… along with the store~they have a lovely, Victorian tea parlor!

The store is filled with all-items-Victorian, and it was really enjoyable to see items I was so familiar with through their catalog. I found lovely books to bring home, as well as, beautiful stationary for letters. This last year, dear friends of mine, had a baby shower & tea at Victorian Trading. The beautiful setting and tea that accompanied their shower, made for a memorable and wonderful event for family and friends.

Victorian Trading has additional catalogs, based on a Victorian theme:

Victorian Papers~Fine Correspondence and Stationary
Castle & Cottage: Home Collection~Furniture & Accessories
Hopeless Romantic~Clothing & Accessories
Old Flame~A candle catalog



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