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Making Special Sandwiches For Little Hands

~Making Special Sandwiches for Little Hands~

When you have children visiting and want to make a special snack or sandwich…here’s a very cute idea! These small, heart-shaped sandwiches (when cooled) fit a small child’s hand perfectly!

Photographs by Mariann Hayes

Using a cookie cutter, cut out interesting shapes and the sandwich has no crusts.

Using a cooking cutter on each slice of bread individually works much better than stacking the bread and then cutting out shapes. Next,  lightly grill each cheese sandwich until the cheese melts and bread is golden. Slightly cool~to protect young hands, and serve!

Enjoy making these for the children in  your life!


2 responses

  1. Sue

    Little kids love this. Hey even big kids get a kick out of it. This big kid does. LOL

    March 25, 2011 at 1:00 pm

  2. Sue, love your post!
    How about these sandwiches for big kids:
    Heart shaped stackers!

    Bread, peanut butter, bread, strawberry jam, bread.
    Tuna fish with cucumbers:
    Bread, tuna fish spread, bread, cucumbers, bread.
    3 Grilled cheese sandwich:
    Bread, cheddar cheese, bread, provolone cheese, bread, colby cheese, bread.

    March 25, 2011 at 6:32 pm

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