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Looking For A French Press?

There are two types of french presses available for making a smooth, full-flavored and full-bodied cup of coffee: traditional glass and stainless steel.

So, You Want to Buy a French Press
Both types (glass or stainless steel) will make a wonderful cup of coffee for you,  your family and guests. However, there are several things to consider when purchasing a press:

Size: Usually, the 8-10 cup variety will provide enough coffee for several people, However, if you’re making pressed coffee for yourself, either get an insulated carafe to keep the surplus nice and hot , or get a smaller press.

Material: Today, consumers have wonderful choices available: traditional glass presses or stainless steel, double-walled versions which is a press and thermos combined in one container!  You may think the stainless steel version is more expensive, however, I found mine for the same price as the glass variety.

Price: That will depend the manufacturer and where you purchase a press. Bodum, a famous maker, manufactures a traditional glass press in wide variety of sizes and styles.  Normally, the larger the press, the bigger the price tag. The Palm Restaurant, has now begun selling & distributing their stainless steel double-walled presses used in their restaurants. I found their large press for $24.99 at TJ Maxx.

Breakage: Glass presses do break (it’s impossible to find a new glass replacement) and you’ll need to replace the entire press. Sooner or later, you will join the ranks of devoted french pressers when you  hear that unmistakable,  sickening sound of your press self- destructing and you’ll be looking for a replacement.

After breaking several of the glass variety, I purchased a stainless steel press and am very pleased with its performance, ease of preparation, clean up and not having to worry about breakage and replacement. Having owned both types of presses, when it comes to taste… glass or stainless makes a great cup of coffee!

Dr. Strange Press:
How I Learned To Stop Worrying About French Press Snobs & Love French Press Coffee

Just as there are tea snobs, there are ‘press snobs’ who strongly feel  their experience and taste justifies their particular preference in the glass v. stainless steel double walled question. Furthermore, they often choose to opine negatively regarding others who differ from their own viewpoint.

However, I prefer a more practical approach:
1. Expense: two glass presses cost more than buying one of stainless steel.
2.  My time is important: I’d rather not have to take the time and buy a new press, if I don’t have to.
3. Safety: traditional presses are not made of safety glass and when they break (and they will) the shards are nasty to deal with, a consideration if small children and pets are in the home.

Is There A Noticeable Difference In Taste?
There are ‘press snobs’ who make outrageous claims stainless steel presses result in a lower grade of coffee. However, I beg to differ….You get a lower grade of coffee or an inferior coffee taste, from inferior coffee beans. Period. If you make identical coffee in a traditional and stainless steel press, and place a cup of coffee from each type in front of a seasoned coffee drinker and perform a taste test…they will be unable to tell the difference.

When You Want to Buy a Press..It’s Easy!
If you’re looking for a press and don’t know where to start…  I have found several sources in the Twin Cities: T.J. Maxx, Home Goods and Marshall’s are my ‘go-to’ destinations when wanting to purchase a press for family or for gift giving.

Buy a press that meets your needs, budget and lifestyle, whether it be a traditional glass press or stainless steel. Your reward will be  a delicious cup of coffee you’ll be proud to serve to family and friends.


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