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A Special Gift: Polish Stoneware Teapot

Special Things Do Come In Small Packages

The other day, while busy having a discussion with my computer forensic lab partner in my office, I noticed a UPS truck pulled up to our home with a delivery. As the afternoon progressed, phone calls and emails needed to be addressed and the delivery I noted, was forgotten.

Later that evening, I received a text from my husband that a teapot arrived for me and was on the cupboard. My eyes moved from my blackberry, across the room and saw a beautiful Polish Stoneware teapot! What a wonderful surprise!!

Boleslawiec Stoneware Teapot

It’s History
Boleslawiec stoneware originated as folk art in the early 1800s. It was crafted in the German province of Silesia, now a part of Poland. Inspired by peacock feathers, farmers were instrumental in creating a statement of strength and beauty in each piece of tableware.

Today, in a small village of Poland, skilled artisans still individually handcraft and handpaint each piece with the same pride and care used over a century ago, preserving the charm of Old Central Europe.

Individually handcut stamps are designed by each artisan

Beautiful colors, including  cobalt blue, my favorite color, are traditional colors in Polish stoneware. Each artisan signs each piece of stoneware with the stamp of Boleslawiec.

I have several more pieces of Polish Stoneware that I have in my collection, each one is a treasured reminder of my heritage and family in Poland. I’ll be sharing more of my collection in future posts.

John, you surprised me and made me feel very special…thank you!

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