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Baking & Creating Natural Carpet Freshener, Potpourri & Linen Spray From Scented Geranium Leaves~

With colder weather closing in, I’ve brought in my scented geraniums: rose, lemon & ginger plants.

Examining the plants I remove any dried leaves, but do NOT throw them away…I put them into a paper bag to be used in a wide variety of projects!

~Fresh & Dried Geranium  Leaves~

Freshening Carpets & Rugs

Take a hand-full of dried leaves, crush them in  your hands a strew on your carpets. Next, vacuum and the house will be redolent with the scent of roses, lemon or ginger!

Creating Potpourri

Take dried or fresh leaves and place them into large paper bags. Remember to not overfill or pack too densely as this may cause a problem in the drying process. Shake the bag morning and night and after a week to 10 days, you should have completely dried the leaves. When dried, the leaves contain essential oils when crushed, give off a lovely scent!

Mix with together with other dried herbs and mediums to create your own unique potpourri!

Baking with Geranium Leaves

Fresh geranium leaves can add a new dimension to your baking! When making quick breads, particularly butter cakes, chiffon cakes and white cakes, with a pastry brush gently paint fresh geranium leaves with melted butter and place them on the bottom of your cake pans. Next, pour cake batter over the leaves and bake according to the recipe. When you remove the cake from the pan, geranium leaves will not only create a beautiful design on the top of your cake, but infuse a wonderful scent into your confections!

Linen Spray & Air Freshener

Take 2 cups of packed, fresh geranium leaves and add them to 6 cups of boiling water or boiling distilled water. Immediately turn off heat. Cover and let stand over night while the scent of the geranium leaves infuse the water. Strain leaves and pour water into a spray bottles to spray bed linens and towels with beautiful and natural scents!


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