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Road Food in the Midwest: Savories European Bistro

Savories European Bistro
108 N. Main Street
Stillwater, Minnesota


Yesterday, my husband and I were in Stillwater, Minnesota trying to meet several deadlines, and finish a long list of errands which left us tired and hungry. We had heard about Savories Tuesday special: Market Pizzas; created with farm fresh ingredients from the Farmers Market, and decided to stop in and have a meal. We arrived about 4:30  (before the dinner rush) and got a window seat,  which overlooked Main Street. Candles and fresh flowers were an added pleasantry at our table.

We ordered the Market Pizza of the day~ a thin, crispy crust pizza with tomatoes, onions, olives, eggplant, celery with a sweet & vinegar sauce and 3 cheeses; panzanella salad & for dessert~ 3 Berry cobbler.

Our dinner started off with fresh, hot focaccia bread right out of the oven, served with rosemary infused olive oil & balsamic vinegar~ wonderfully fragrant and delicious!

We decided on an entirely vegetarian meal, and shared a market pizza that was perfectly prepared, with a crispy, thin crust. Farm fresh ingredients, along with a unique sauce elevated this pizza to gourmet caliber in overall quality and taste. Panzanella salad (Tuscan bread salad) rounded out our meal, with fresh greens and vegetables, (along with Savories homemade focaccia bread) added a delicious note to our dinner.

However, there is one fact about Savories which you cannot escape, their scones and desserts are legendary. We chose a 3 berry cobbler and it arrived fresh, hot out of the oven. According to my friend, JJ, there is nothing better than pie… Jim, I have news for you~~Savories 3 Berry Cobbler outdoes pie by a mile.

My husband, who is a die-hard carnivore, loved our vegetarian meal and is planning to return to Savories.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience from start to finish, and the impeccable service made the afternoon meal such a pleasurable experience for both of us!  We’ll definitely be back!


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  1. Sadly, this fall (2011) after 20 years…Savory’s closed it’s doors. I’m hoping the owners will find a new venue to open and serve their lovely, homemade food.

    November 6, 2011 at 3:46 am

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