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Me and My ‘Shadow-Blogger’

~”Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”~
Charles Caleb Colton

Today, when I went into check my daily stats, I discovered something curious….
One solitary, individual had clicked on my post “Plant of the Week:Hosta”. Now that in itself is nothing to take note of, except….

For the last several months, I have had a

You’re probably wondering what a “Shadow-Blogger’ is…
It’s a phrase I have coined, in order to describe a phenomenon, in my opinion, that has been occurring with my blog for the last several months.

This blog is a great outlet for my creative ideas, and I write about a wide range of subjects.  What has been happening: within a few hours, the next day, or several days later … by coincidence, a post will appear on my Shadow-Bloggers Blog (SSB) with the same topic, material or eerily similar information!

I never know what topic, idea or material they’ll discover in my posts, it’s more like a game now…a very flattering game!

Shadow-Blogger def. noun- An author of a blog that ‘shadows’ or follows other blogs, and trawls for ideas and material to use in their own blog.

Why do bloggers do this? Possibly, for several reasons. The reasons outlined in this article posted in a blog on the internet, poses an interesting question regarding ethics and plagiarism surrounding material  and ideas originating in blogs.

My particular ‘Shadow-Blogger’ is known to me, as is their blog. Their blog, in my opinion,  is clever and artistic; with a general theme surrounding two books they have authored.

How a Shadow-Blogger Uses Ideas from other Blogs

Excerpt from my Hosta Post:

Posted May 27, 2010
~Hosta’s In the Dining Room~

“Hosta leaves are a wonderful addition in creating bouquets of foliage and flowers. Large, textural or colorful hosta leaves can be used as a placemat on an outdoor table, or as a backdrop for a buffet.”

My Shadow-Bloggers Post:

Posted July 29, 2010
They saw a possible opening from this post in my blog and wrote:

“Fresly cut, large leaves, such as hosta leaves…..make beautiful …coasters for summer drinks…a pretty addition to a garden party table setting.”

This is only one example of how this Shadow-Blogger has possibly used ideas and material from my blog…more examples to follow!

How wonderfully flattering!
The fact they may choose to use my ideas or material from my blog, is interesting. In fact, it shows they may find my ideas rather creative and noteworthy, if they’re posting them in their blog!

Please feel free to read my comment associated with an update with this post…

I respectfully ask one, simple request…please give credit, where credit is due.

What’s your opinion regarding material and information on the internet and plagiarism?


One response

  1. There are many bloggers who trawl the internet and other blogs for content, material and ideas for their blogs….and imitate, copy and pass them off as their own. My Shadow Blogger, must have read this post for they have mockingly given reference to the phrase, “give credit, where credit is due”, and has credited a ‘lifestyle author’, with their post regarding hostas used in entertaining, and admits to finding the information from a website. I am not surprised by their behavior in the least…

    However, there is one difference between my Shadow Blogger and myself…I do not follow famous lifestyle authors, or visit their websites; the likes of B. Smith, Martha Stewart or Colin Cowie, in order to find content for rmy blogs. My idea for the hostas in dining and decorating, came to me one day as I was passing a very large hosta that is located at the bottom of the stairs leading to the deck and I thought to myself… “Wow! These are sooo cool, I could use them tonight for my party!”. I picked a handful of leaves, brought them in the house, and proceeded to play around with them on the table, and put a plate on top of one and realized I had ‘hit’ upon a neat idea!

    July 31, 2010 at 11:33 am

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