Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life, While Living in a Complicated World

Our 35th Wedding Anniversary Week Begins

This week my husband John and I will celebrate 35 years of marriage!

I met my remarkable husband, while I was in high school, and we married 6 week after graduation.
We came from different languages, English and American Sign Language. We came from different cultures, hearing and Deaf. During the last 35 years, we’ve blended each of our distinct lives together with love and patience.

Yesterday, my husband gave me a beautiful, meaningful gift…I am an artist, writer, designer and photographer. All of these talents I share with my husband, family and friends. My husband is a remarkable craftsman, who understands my love of the creative process and passions surrounding art, who brings my designs to life, and has made our creative endeavors a remarkable process that at times, takes my breath away….

36 Derwent English Watercolor Pencils

I am blessed with a husband who has given me the freedom to be who I am, and has never tried to change me….His love and support has allowed me to develop talents which were waiting to grow and with his nurturing, have brought to our lives a creative synergy that is rare and profound.

When I first met John, my passion was watercolors and that was the beginning…because of our love and life together, I have become so much more than my dreams could imagine.

John~~Happy 35th Anniversary!!

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