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James Jankovich~Steampunk Artist

The art of James Jankovich
is in the genre of ‘Steampunk Art’, and has evolved over several decades.
Jim, has graciously given permission to post his work –thanks my friend!

One of the earliest influences on his art was his sister, Kai (another artist in the family) who used experimental techniques such as, mixing sand into oil paints that had a profound effect on him growing up. Other influences were artists, Henry Fuseli and Albert Kallis.

In high school he started sketching and doing water colors of impossible airships and odd creatures. After a hiatus of several decades, JJ returned to art, “I gave up on art in the early 80’s but started again in the mid 90’s, and eventually returned to airships and metal animals.The blimps were started with tongue firmly planted in cheek.”

James Jankovich
“Iron Blimps”

copyright 1999 James JankovichCopyright 1999 James Jankovich


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