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Steampunk Decorating on Willow Cottage

My interest in steampunk began when a dear friend of mine-shared with me, his fantastic artwork featuring steampunk art.

It’s rare when you have an instinctive and intellectual reaction to art, and his images produced a radical paradigm shift in my concept of art…I was blown away by the images he created, and was immediately drawn to this genre of artwork. He explained to me that it was ‘steampunk art’ and I had to learn more…

The moment I saw his unique artwork, it immediately clicked and I felt a personal connection with steampunk elements and design, and at the same time realized, I had been decorating with elements of steampunk throughout my home for years!

Steampunk is often associated with Victorian homes, furnishings and architecture….However, I have found there is no limit in using steampunk as elements in decorating modern-day homes.

In a world, where mass-produced items are common, the aspect of steampunk that appeals to me the most, is the hand-made quality, personal touch, and the use of natural materials in decorating, objects, art and furnishings.

In future posts, I’ll be featuring steampunk in decorating, art and even creating projects to share with you!

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