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Antonia’s Flowers-The Perfect Scent for Spring & Summer

Antonia’s Flowers, the perfect scent for Spring & Summer

“Creating this fragrance was a natural progression for me, having been surrounded by flowers for so long. I’d like every woman to remember their favorite garden when they wear Antonia’s Flowers.”

One of my favorite perfumes, that brings back wonderful memories. I discovered this beautiful scent while on vacation in Duluth, Minnesota with my husband and daughter.

Antonia’s Flowers, the original fragrance, designed in 1984 in collaboration with Bernard Chant, utilizes “living flower” technology for the first time, bringing the actual scent of freesia from nature directly to your skin.

A spirited spring bouquet with a top note of freesia interspersed with jasmine, magnolia, and lily.

Antonia’s Flowers website also has a sampler available of all of their perfumes for five dollars! It’s a remarkable deal, and you get to sample all of their scents (Floret is lovely!!) and try them on in the leisure of your own home!


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