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Plant of the Week:Hosta


The lowly hosta plant is the foundation plant of many gardens, including my front garden. Today, you can find a hosta for nearly every landscaping need and because of their versatility, many people have fallen in love with growing hostas.

Today, hostas come in a wide variety of colors, variations and sizes. Hostas can grow to the size of a tea cup, and varieties can reach five feet across and over three feet high!

Sum & Substance Hosta-Queen of Large Hostas

The Versatility of Hosta in the Garden

Most gardeners place hostas in deep shade, however, you can find hostas that can tolerate strong sunshine for a limited number of hours. Solid colors can range from teal/blue green to vivid chartreuse, and varigated hosta plants can range from banana yellow to deep evergreen accompanied by streaks, stripes and stippling covering the leaves or edges.

You can’t plant just one hosta! It all starts with one plant and the next thing you know….

When you want to create interesting textures in the garden, hosta plants come in a wide variety of textures and leaf surfaces. Textures range from smooth to coarse, as well as, sand paper-like to crepe paper.

Hosta’s In the Dining Room

Hosta leaves are a wonderful addition in creating bouquets of foliage and flowers. Large, textural or colorful hosta leaves can be used as a placemat on an outdoor table, or as a backdrop for a buffet.

The Plant That Keeps Giving

Caring for hosta plants is easy and require little care. Just remember to divide  plants about every four to five years, and relocate new plants to new locations in your garden, or share with friends. A mild fertilizer once a month will ensure health, strong plants.

In the fall, cut down hostas to eliminate the possible accumulation of mold or other plant diseases, which can present themselves if you let the plants go into hibernation without removing the leaves.

Hostas can be grown in nearly every garden, in every climate and give years of enjoyment, color and flowers.


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