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Road Food in the Midwest: Norske Nook

Norske Nook

4 Locations in Wisconsin: Hayward, Rice Lake, Eau Claire & Osseo

Along the stretch of highway 53, that runs through western Wisconsin connecting Duluth/Superior to La Crosse, you’ll find four of the most inviting, original restaurants that focus on Norwegian-American dishes. The Norske Nook is a unique restaurant offering food that  is made from scratch from original recipes that can be found no where else.

Several years ago, our family discovered The Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin (located south of Eau Claire) when we were on our way to visit an Amish farmers market in west central Wisconsin. We’ve been fans of this restaurant every since that first encounter, and whenever we’re traveling in Wisconsin for business, pleasure driving, searching for antiques or doing photography, the ‘Nook’ is one our favorite destinations.

Each restaurant has their own unique decor that showcases hand-painted rosemaling designs throughout the dining rooms. Their gift shops have cookbooks, fun ‘Uffda!’ merchandise, along with: krumkake irons, lefse equipment and all things Norwegian.

Food, Food, Glorious Food!

My husband loves lefse and whenever we dine at the Norske Nook, he always enjoys ordering the lefse wraps. If you’re a lutefisk lover, you have a new destination! The Norske Nook serves a traditional lutefisk dinner on the first Sunday in October and December. Best of all, you’ll find dishes that appeal to diners of all ages, from toddlers to seniors.

Pie Heaven!

One of their most famous offerings is their homemade pies! Pie’s so big, you won’t believe your eyes! If you’re a raspberry lover, prepare to be astonished! A wedge of raspberry pie, is over 6-inches high! The ultimate dessert experience? A delicious cup of coffee, a slice of pie and you’ll be in pie heaven.

At the 2010 National Pie Championship, the restaurant won 7 blue ribbons: Apple Cream Cheese, Baked Strawberry, Snickers, Pecan Stout, Peach Melba, Maple Raisin and Raisin Bread Pudding! Over several years of competing, The Norske Nook, has been the recipient of a total of 23 blue ribbons from the National Pie Championships.

Norske Nook Wisconsin Locations

Map of Wisconsin

Hayward 715.634.4928

Rice Lake  715.234.1733

Eau Claire-Northwoods Brew Pub 715.552.0512

Osseo  800.294.6665

Norke Nook website


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