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Victoria Magazine: Ideas for Tea & Entertaining

Victoria May/June 2010

I had been a subscriber to Victoria Magazine before it went on a publishing hiatus, and became a subscriber when the magazine was resurrected.

Currently, I’m writing and photographing a book about tea. Several years ago, I couldn’t find a book which featured tea in the all of the aspects I desired. After talking with other tea lovers, I  decided to write and photograph my own book.  Victoria magazine has been one of my sources for inspiration for layout and lighting, when it comes to doing my own photography. My book will feature recipes, projects, inspirational photographs, tea parties for every celebration in life, and much more for the tea enthusiast to enjoy!

Victoria Magazine is a treasure trove of ideas for serving and entertaining with tea! The May/June issue is one of my favorite magazines, with the focus on the colors:  blue & white in decorating, food and living!

Win a free copy of the May/June Blue & White Issue!

I’m searching for the best summer beverage recipe from my readers! This recipe must be your own original creation and cannot have been previously published, (including the internet). June 15th is the deadline!

Winner is: Anne from Wisconsin!!

What are your favorite things in Victoria magazine? I’d like to hear about them!


One response

  1. Lillian Hanson

    I’m also an avid Victoria fan! I belong to “Return To Loveliness” on Yahoo! Groups, and have been a subscriber for the duration of before and after 2003. One of my favorite summer beverages has been homemade flavored fruit waters; among my favorites, cucumber, strawberry and melon — not all together, but separately.
    I place slices or chunks of fruit in a pitcher of cold water, then chill in the fridge for several hours, then pour in a nice glass tumbler and enjoy. I love cucumber and melon the best, even slices of lemon or oranges in cool, clear water is ideal and a wonder summertime beverage. No sweeteners necessary!

    June 10, 2010 at 1:22 am

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