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Completing My First Year of College and Taking the Summer Off

Spring 2010 Semester

This week, I sat for my Constitutional Law final exam, the third and final exam  of the course. Each exam consisted of three  specific components: multiple choice, short answer essay and case briefs. The exam took place on Monday afternoon. I’ve been waiting for the professor to post exam grades and my final grade for the course.

I learned today, I scored a total of 56 points out of 60! A solid A for the exam and my final grade in Constitutional Law is an A.

My First Year in College

My first semester began with the following classes: American Government and Computer Operating Systems and learned a great deal! Summer semester, was enjoyable with classes in PC Hardware and Interviewing, Interrogation, and Investigation. Fall Semester, I took 13 credits, made the Dean’s List, and all of my hard work paid off…my grade point average qualified me to become a member of the Honor Society.

Needless to say, at first I felt very hesitant returning to college with students who are decades younger than myself. I learned several things about myself as I went to classes, took notes, participated in classes, and built friendships with other students. Attending college after the age of 50, has distinct and positive advantages!!

I learned I am a good student! I enjoy my classes, experiencing new things and becoming familiar with academic life in college!! One aspect of attending college has not changed: in most of my classes I’m usually the oldest person in the room. However, I’ve discovered (much to my surprise) I could compete with younger students academically. When a class is challenging, such as Constitutional Law, I formed a study group and invited other students. Through this experience, I’ve also made friendships with students of all ages, and learned a great deal from them in the process.

My degree  program is Computer Forensics Investigative Technology.  In order to pursue any degree in college, you need to manage your time and personal life, attend every day you have classes, be prepared, have time to study, and take care of your home and personal life. As an adult student, working part-time, married (with responsibilities at home- my oldest brother lives with us) , attending school can be a challenge.

School, Family, Home, Work, Friends and Life

I’ve learned you have to make choices.  My priorities changed,  after I began attending college. This year, we’ve been adding an office, reception area, family room, bedroom and full-bath to the lower level of our home. I’ve changed my career and jobs.

Two years ago, my oldest brother moved into our home, due to critical health problems he was experiencing. My husband has been  building  a bedroom/bath suite in the lower level of our home,  so he can have more privacy and independence. In November 2009 , my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer, had surgery, and we’re now waiting for his six month check-up.

When my office was converted into a bedroom for my brother, I became a ‘study nomad’. Moving from room to room, I didn’t have a designated place to study or a place to keep my laptops, papers and books. Finally, last February, my downstairs office neared completion when it was wired, inspected, and sheet-rocked.  I couldn’t wait to move in!  I finally have a quiet place to study! Through all of this, my focus has remained on attending school, home-life, and being successful in my classes and degree program.

The Advantages of Attending School After the Age of 50

I am a mature student (an interesting acronym for students over 35) which gives me advantages in college, that have contributed to my success:

I have decades of experience, (which younger students do not possess) which has proven to be a valuable asset in every class I’ve taken in college.

I have a full and busy life with my husband and family, have hobbies and enjoying being at home, as a result, partying is not a factor in my life.

While younger students often become distracted with budding relationships, learning how to manage life and establish themselves;  I enjoy working in my gardens, testing new recipes, entertaining family and friends in my home, and pursuing  my hobbies.

This summer, I’m taking a break from college and am looking forward to writing my blog, as well as, authoring and photographing my book about tea!

Finishing my first year with a 4.0 is an accomplishment, and it’s  given me more confidence going into my second year. I’ll readily admit,  I’ve experienced challenges and difficulties (causing me to withdraw from a class), and in spite of these setbacks, I’ve been successful in my classes and have made many friendships with professors and students alike.

If you’re considering going back to college, I encourage you to do it!

I am a successful, college student… who is over the age of fifty.

If I can do it…YOU CAN DO IT!

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  1. I’ve just had my year of college become more meaningful for me…my law professor, just emailed me. Out of 48 students;

    I’m the top student in the class!

    He just made my day, semester and year!


    May 13, 2010 at 3:04 pm

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