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Plant of The Week: Rose Scented Geraniums In Your Garden

Geraniums are a staple to use in the garden or landscape, when you want to add color and texture to walkways,  planters and pots. Plants come in a wide variety of colorful blooms, and leaves often  have vibrant patterns or textures.  However, there is a geranium many gardeners may have overlooked, or be unfamiliar with it’s special properties,  in their quest for colorful pots and planters.

This Spring make your garden, home and cooking sing with scented geraniums. Scented geraniums can be found in a wide variety of scents and their leaves are infused with essential oils, which are still viable after the leaves have been dried.

I’ve been growing scented geraniums for over twenty years and particularly enjoy growing rose scented geraniums. I enjoy introducing our friends, guests and visitors to the unique properties of scented geraniums and the wonderful scent they give off when the leaves are crushed. I  always enjoy the moment when after they rub a rose geranium leaf with their fingers, their eyes light up with delight when their nose detects the scent of roses! Not a faint  imitation…the authentic scent of roses!

These plants are sun lovers and are perfect to grow in containers on sun-drenched decks, patio’s and walkways. Every summer, I grow several large pots of scented geraniums in the garden. and place smaller pots on the stairs which lead to the backyard garden. I love brushing my hands against the plants as I descend the stairs, leaving the lingering scent of roses behind me as I make my way to the garden.

Scented geraniums are a delight to grow and use in making potpourri, room freshener and in baking tea cakes.

Scented geraniums are easy to propagate by leaf cuttings, and plants are wonderful to give as gifts to fellow gardeners or crafters.

Here’s one of my favorite potpourri recipes!

Rose Scented Potpourri

4 cups packed, dried rose petals (I save and dry roses from bouquets my husband brings me)
2 large handfuls dried rose geranium leaves,slightly crushed to release the scented oil
1/4 cup dried rosemary leaves
1/2 cup dried juniper berries
8 drops lavender essential oil
6 drops rose essential oil
4 drops jasmine essential oil

Mix all of the dried ingredients in a glass container, cover and place in a dark place for 14 days.  Shake once every day, and in 14 days, you’ll have a wonderfully scented potpourri  to place in decorative bowls to scent rooms in your home, making sachets or give as gifts.


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