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Roots & Rhizomes- My Source for Daylilies, Hostas, Iris and More!

Roots & Rhizomes:



I love Roots and Rhizomes!  Whenever I need a large quantity of a particular perennial to plant in large drifts for color and texture in my English gardens, this is the place I go to plants!

I’ve purchased bulk quantities of siberian iris, hostas, ferns, and my favorite perennials of all time…daylilies! The prices cannot be beat for large quantity purchases of perennials.

Note: When ordering large/bulk quantities of perennials  you’ll find greatly reduced prices (compared to local nursery prices) per plant. You won’t get a choice in the colors, however, I’ve never been disappointed!

The best thing of all, is their guarantee! If you ever have a problem, their customer service department is wonderful and prompt,  and  return policies are excellent.

Gardening Tip: Invite your fellow gardeners for tea!  Set up  a laptop for viewing the website online and get out a  catalog. If the current catalog is out of print for the season, print out pages for siberian iris, daylilies, hostas and ferns. Pool your resources together, place a group order, and save money!

Note: Be mindful there is a spring deadline for shipping bare-root plants, if in doubt, call customer service for the exact date.

I’ve included the latest sales prices from their latest catalog,  for large quantity purchases of the following perennials. Now is the time to purchase plants, save money and have a wonderful garden to enjoy for years to come!

Siberian Iris: http://www.rootsrhizomes.com/sp.asp?c=35

6/12.95-$2.20 per plant-can’t be beat!

12/23.95-$2.00 per plant-remember… they spread and will need to be divided in about 4 years…all the more to share with your friends!

Daylilies: http://www.rootsrhizomes.com/sp.asp?c=36

Mini Daylily

6/18.00 $3,.00/plant

12/30.00) (2.50/plant)-compared to $4-9 dollars from the local nursery!

Tetraploid Daylily-beautiful varieties!

6/21.00 (3.50/plant)

12/36.00 ($3.50/plant)

Ferns: http://www.rootsrhizomes.com/dp.asp?P={D70D9527-FBCF-4F8B-ADD9-B9D3AA1FD6BA}

1 each: Lady in Red, Maidenhair, Brilliance, Red Beauty

4/ 25.00 ($6.25/plant)

Hosta Grab Bag:


6 plants/$25.00- $4.16 per plant and you won’t be disappointed.

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