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A Garden in Your Mailbox from Randolph, Wisconsin

There is a wonderful regional company, I’ve known about for years, that can supply every gardeners need when creating  vegetable, kitchen, flower and woodland gardens!

In Randolph, Wisconsin there is a  consortium of companies, which are now consolidated under one business. If you’re growing gardens in the Midwest, you can  select  with confidence from a wide variety of seeds and plants, that can withstand and survive our cold winters. Each company has it’s own distinct catalog  available on-line or mailed to your home. There are also helpful newsletters, that can keep you informed of sales and special offers.

One of the best features, at their e-garden website:  you can order from as many companies as you like, with only 1 shipping charge! You’ll not only save your time and money on shipping costs, you won’t have to drive around to multiple nurseries to find wonderful seeds and plants!

You can order catalogs (some are out of stock, however, you can order online)  at:


Gardening Tip:

If you buy  plants (daylilies, iris, ferns, hostas etc.) in large quantities, they arrive bare-root.  However, if you can’t get them in the ground within one day, immediately plant them in pots and you can plant them at your leisure.

The following companies are located in Randolph, Wisconsin:

Roots & Rhizomes Specializes in choice Daylilies, Siberian Iris, Hosta’s and perennials.



R.H. Shumway Supplier of fine vegetable seeds, flower seeds and more since 1870.



McClure & Zimmerman Supplier of superior flower bulbs. Find a large selection of your favorite spring planted bulbs including lilies, begonias, cannas, dahlias, iris and more.



Has two distinct catalogs, Spring and Fall:

Spring: Superior bulbs including lilies, begonias, cannas, dahlias, iris and more.                                                                                                                                     Fall: Superior bulbs including tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and more.

Seymour Seeds Unique seeds for vegetable and flower gardens, as well as, hard to find perennial seeds.



Jung Seed A vegetable gardeners delight! A wide selection to choose from a heirloom seeds available for a wide variety of vegetables.




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