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Flour Power

The art of baking is part science, part artistry and I might add, coupled with a great deal of love. If you’re a baker, quality ingredients can take a common recipe into the delectable stratosphere and become the stuff of legends.

One ingredient, flour, is often overlooked as a simple, kitchen staple we pick up on the shelf of our local grocery store. It’s purchased with little thought or consideration as an ingredient in baked goods. Furthermore, do we really understand the distinct differences among flours used in our kitchens? Most of us assume flour is relatively comparable to each other,  regardless of the packaging and that it has  little impact on the quality of our baking. There are several kinds of flour available to bakers: Gold Medal, King Arthur, Pillsbury’s Best, to name a few.

However, there is an extraordinary flour called “Hudson Cream” from  Stafford County Flour Mills.

Their website: www.hudsoncream.com

This flour, lauded in Saveur Magazine for the lightness it imparts in baked goods, piqued my curiosity and I really wanted to try it. However, no stores in Minnesota, Iowa or Wisconsin carried this remarkable flour. During a call to my big brother James, (who lived in Kansas) I told him about this flour and the mill located in Hudson, Kansas. He quickly fired up his computer and looked up the website.

A few days later, a big box arrived at my door. Brother James sent me a 25# bag of Hudson Cream all-purpose flour!! I set to work at once to baking some Danish Puffs to test if this flour lived up to its reputation. There was a noticeable improvement in lightness and texture, and overall consistency.

I was struck by the realization how even a simple ingredient, such as flour can make a noticeable impact in baking. My cakes are consistently lighter, breads are higher with a finely integrated texture, and I’ve never experienced this level of consistent quality when using other flours.

Last summer on a trip to Kansas to visit James, we stopped at the local grocery store that carries Hudson Cream flour our way back home . We filled up two shopping carts with over 60 pounds of all-purpose bleached, unbleached and bread flour. The astonished looked on the check-out clerks face said it all.

The company will ship flour to your home and if you join with other bakers in placing an order, the charge for shipping is easily divided among the group. It’s worth the cost!

Remarkable baking is just a website away!


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  1. Cathy Hansen

    I love this story! U are an excellent writer! Wow Annie…no wonder you are on the honor roll! LOL

    March 5, 2010 at 7:05 pm

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