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When you lose your job

The current economic crisis has impacted everyone I know. Four years ago, my husband lost his job of 28 years. I’ve never forgotten how I felt the morning he came home and said, “I was laid-off this morning.” The panic and worry we experienced four years ago, many Americans are facing everyday.

We want our lives to have routine, we want our lives to have a sound financial foundation with long-term stability. When your husband loses  his job, or you experience a lay-off,   it  shakes you to your core and the demands it places on individuals and their families, are monumentally stressful.

There is hope after losing your job….We survived the lay-off and in the  process, I gained a new sense of what’s important and ways to cope with the immediate needs that a sudden lay-off creates and the huge challenges we faced for everyday living.

The first things I learned….

Losing a job means your life has changed.

Losing a job means my husbands ‘new job’  was to find another way to support our family. MY ‘new job’ was to find ways to support and help my husband through this crisis.

If you’ve lost your job…finding another way to support yourself is a process and it will take time, patience and determination. In the process, you’ll find you’ll need to re-arrange your priorities, discover what is important and how to get a life that can be rich and fulfilling that doesn’t rely on how much money you bring home.

If your spouse has lost their job there are a myriad of ways to can lessen the immediate and long-term financial impact, give emotional support and be creative in dealing with the economic changes you’re facing.

We survived the layoff and in the process, discovered the difference between: needs and wants. We’ve also learned how to avoid financial pitfalls in the future.

If we survived a job lay-off, you can too! Losing a job means you’ve lost your financial livelihood, not your life.  I want you to know, there are steps you can take to begin to change your life for the better and it won’t cost you a dime.

You’ve experienced a lay-off and you can begin the process to build a meaning life today, one step at a time.


2 responses

  1. Sue

    So Annie let’s expand on this. Here are somethings I have done while being unemployed:

    I do a lot of praying and keep the faith going. I reach out to my friends. You really find out who your real friends are at this time.

    I cook more at home now, don’t drive anywhere unless I have to and I try to do my errands and things around that time.

    I cancelled my cable, stock up on stuff when its on sale, shop at thrift stores. Also when I knew I was going to be laid off (I’ve been doing contract work), I put as much money away as possible kept up with my bills. Bought meat for my freezer. Meat is so much more expensive. When I shop, I always keep in mind do I need this or do I want this. If it’s a want, I pass on it. I feel like we can learn from each other by sharing ideas of what we have done to get thru these bad economic times.

    March 25, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    • Sue,
      You’ve done it right…you’ve identified your ‘needs’ from your ‘wants’ and have found creative ways to lower your expenses. There are other ways to help save money:

      Local colleges that offer the following degrees, may have deals and offer services:
      Cosmetology~ haircuts, manicures, perms and coloring
      Dental assistant or hygienists~ teeth cleaning
      Computer IT~computer repair and upgrades

      Growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruit not only is cost-effective, but a good way to involve children in outdoor activities. If you don’t have a great deal of room, a whiskey barrel makes a great ‘garden’ for growing lettuces, herbs or tomatoes!

      Get friends or family together to buy items in bulk and share the cost.

      Libraries are a great source for DVD’s to rent, in place of going to the movies.

      Pack a lunch and bring a thermos of your favorite coffee with you when you’re out and about doing errands. You’ll have a nice lunch, without the expense of fast food places or restaurants.

      March 25, 2011 at 6:17 pm

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