Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life, While Living in a Complicated World

Welcome to a haven from the challenges of everyday living!

This is the first installation of my blog: Willow Cottage.

Today, life is challenging compared to decades ago. Today, we live with constant intrusions into our time and lives by computers, cell-phones, blackberries, microwaves, GPS and a vast array of technology for communication through the internet.

Do you want to make your life simpler? Do you want to lessen the intrusion by technology in your life ? Do you want to de-clutter your life and home? Many people feel their lives are too fast paced, overwhelmed by the demands of work and long for creating a life that is simpler, uncluttered and meaningful.

Everyday we face challenges that can bog us down, exhaust and wear us down. We’re concerned about our food, our schools, our work and our communities. How do we create positive and successful changes in our lives? We begin with ourselves, our homes and our families.

We need tools and methods to cope with the changes that are constantly taking place around us, and begin the process of building meaningful and purposeful lives. It starts today….one day at at time.



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