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Cooking From Scratch: Boycotting Fast Food and Highly Processed Foods

After reading the book, An Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan- I came to realize the food we’re eating is, frankly, killing us. The American diet is causing Americans harm and if you’re concerned about your diet and that of your family, we need to change our attitude about food and how it’s prepared.

One way of getting nutritionally dense and high quality food, is by making our food from scratch. Cooking from scratch is creating food in our kitchens, without using chemically and additive laden, highly processed, pre-packaged food.Using local sources and seasonal produce, you’re obtaining food that is nutritionally dense, and good for you and your family, you can save a great deal of money in the process.

Cooking from scratch is a long-forgotten, nostalgic method of cooking that was the ‘gold standard’ of cooking for housewives decades ago.Before there were fast food ‘restaurants’ (more like ‘gulp & go shops), T.V. dinners, along with, boxed packaged meals (salt saturated) on the shelf; women (and men) created delicious meals in their homes. All of this changed when women entered the workforce and ‘convenience foods’ were born which were designed to  ‘help’ the average homemaker put a meal together quickly and easily.

The food industry took ‘convenience foods’  one step further: Why not be able get a quick and tasty meal by driving up to a window and having a hot, cooked meal delivered to your car!

According to Pollan, we’re a nation of food consumers, who prefer to eat in our cars, and he has the stats to prove it. Do fast food establishments create an atmosphere for camaraderie and bonding with our families? No. Eating in fast food places resembles, ‘gulp and go’, hurried meals with no time to spend with our families. Consider, when was the last time you had a long, leisurely meal inside your local fast food place and connected with each other? How many meals do you or your family eat in the car? Now, consider….is what you’re eating nutritionally balanced food that is nourishing? Enough said.

We’re a nation that is becoming sick on the American diet. Yet, at the same time we have more resources for cooking at home than ever before! We have a litany of  cookbooks available and articles in magazines and newspapers to assist us in creating wholesome meals. On television there is a myriad of cooking programs on cable, most notably-The Food Network, and on public television. Why are we not cooking more at home and boycotting fast food establishments and refusing to buy chemically and preservative laden, pre-packaged food? We’re a nation of non-cooks…or cooks who lack confidence in the kitchen. Why is that?

When women entered the work place in the 1960’s and 1970’s, cooking from scratch gradually lost favor, in it’s place we found ourselves at the mercy of the Food Industry. Mother’s didn’t have time to cook and pass along culinary skills to their children and as a result, we have generations of Americans who find cooking a negative, daunting process and prefer not to create food in their own kitchens.

Are you interest in cooking from scratch?

Are you concerned about you or your families diet?

Do you want to learn how to put delicious and nutritious meals on your table for your family?

Do you want to save money and support the local economy and  businesses?

Cooking from scratch is for you! If you’re a little apprehensive, don’t fret. It’s a process that is easily mastered, along with cooking skills that beginning cooks can easily learn and become proficient in the kitchen.

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